Scarsdale Security's Environmmental Policies and Practices


Regional Offices and Alarm Centers

  • We use electronic communications methods wherever possible, with scanned copies of documents in place of duplicates and direct-to-email fax reception for most incoming documents. This includes Field Service Units that eliminate the need for paper service tickets, and scanned vendor documents for paperless processing. When printed documents are required by law (such as contracts), these are printed on recycled content paper.
  • Waste office paper is 100% shredded and recycled by a service company for both security and recycling
  • Virtual offices for a number of staff eliminates commuting to or from a common office location
  • Regional offices provide localized work environments Recent replacement of high power consumption monitors and PC systems with low power or Virtual Server alternates
  • Comprehensive toner and cartridge refill program for all office devices as applicable

Installation and Service Teams

  • Batteries removed from use are 100% recycled to the local distributor
  • Fuel efficient fleet and vehicle maintenance program (tire inflation, service intervals, etc.)
  • Stock management program reduces weight of service vehicles and return trips
  • Comprehensive remote diagnostics and troubleshooting reduce extra trips and unnecessary replacements.
  • Route scheduling reduces travel distances where possible.
  • Refurbish/Reuse policy for service items reduces levels of discarded items that are otherwise useful
  • Direct-to-Site delivery reduces carbon footprint of equipment freight
  • Reuse of packaging materials for consolidated re-shipments eliminates discarded packaging source
  • OEM packaging is discarded at point of use, but is principally post-consumer recycled material
  • Remote Video services increase customer staff efficiency and reduce customer travel and resource expenditures
  • Video Signal Verification reduces unnecessary First Responder Notification and corresponding use of time and resources

Updated Summer 2013

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