Thermal Video Imaging


Thermal Video Imaging from Scarsdale Security

Monitor temperatures and protect students and staff as they enter

Thermal Video Imaging cameras scan individuals’ temperatures and visually identify them as they enter your facility, providing a powerful extra layer of medical and visual security for students, staff and visitors.

Protect the health and safety of your students, residents, staff and visitors              

Thermographic cameras thermally scan and visually identify persons entering schools, nursing homes, retailers and other high-risk facilities as they enter. Thermal imaging used with other high-security systems displays accurate temperature and visual data to alert administrators and scanned subjects of potential medical problems.

Double layers of protection with secure imaging

With both optical and thermal imaging, thermographic cameras produce a facial image with thermal data overlaid on the image. If a scanned individual exceeds predetermined temperature parameters, a border will flash red around the image and display recorded values on a computer screen. Office personnel can take appropriate action to screen the subject further. Normal temperatures will trigger a green box indicating no further action is necessary.

Easy Calibration, effortless operation

Thermographic imaging systems from Scarsdale Security are designed for simple operation and are easily integrated with your existing Video Management Systems (VMS). The system includes a calibration device to let your staff operators specify the requirements of the temperature readings.

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