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Protect your home and family with the best technology and professional monitoring services. Includes remote access from your computer or mobile device. 914-722-2200

Our best home protection package

Take advantage of this special offer from Scarsdale Security before intruders, fire or other threats take advantage of you. Scarsdale Safe Connect Home systems give you every component you'll need to protect your home at an affordable price.

$99 Peace of mind at home starts with a Scarsdale Safe Connect Home Installation.

Typical system components pictured below. Your system components may vary. Contact Scarsdale today to design the system that's best for you.


Safe Connect Home components

Optional equipment and apps, and additional equipment and services available. Call 914-722-2200 or ask your Scarsdale representative for details.

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Call 914-722-2200 for a comprehensive review of your home's security. Find out how easy and cost effective it can be to have Scarsdale Security watch out for you and your family.