Government Security

Securing Government and Public Places

From government security for city hall to schools to international airports, Scarsdale Security protects visitors, staff and grounds with a full suite of premier security services.. 914-722-2200



Scarsdale Security for government and other public Installations

Scarsdale Security has helped secure and monitor schools, airports and government buildings for over 30 years. We know the bidding and support requirements for these projects and have provided the best value while maintaining the high level of service and support we provide to all our customers.



JFK Airport and Westchester Area

We are proud to have been selected to be the sole provider of fire alarm monitoring for New York's JFK Airport. We also provide burglar alarm and video systems sales and support for a number of county, city, and public facilities throughout the Westchester, New York area and surrounding counties.


Protecting government facilities

  • Interior and perimeter intruder alarms
  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Urgent Help Needed, for emergencies and those with disabilities
  • Indoor and outside video monitoring
  • Remote video monitoring at our facilities on your computer
  • Water and environmental monitoring

Advanced security options for government and public facilities

Scarsdale Security has several options, including our Premier Services package, to safeguard your government and corporate facilities with the very latest security technology.

  • Virtual Guard Services, like having a live guard walking your premises
  • PageWatch notification, make sure your notifications get a response
  • list Network Monitoring services, customer IP forwarding technology

Scarsdale looks out for employees and visitors

Advanced security technology for your public  facilities is just the beginning. Discover the comprehensive security services Scarsdale is providing to protect government and corporate facilities — and people using them — across America.

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