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Scarsdale offers a comprehensive slate of unique security solutions for the speciific requirements of your business or lifestyle. Contact us to discuss your concerns and and we'll design a system to address them. 914-722-2200

GPTrakGPTrak, locate vehicles

Pinpoint the location of your vehicles from your computer or mobile device. You can locate the kids or know if your mom got lost and needs help.

Virtual GuardVirtual Guard, protect property

Remote Video and Voice protection against slip and fall, vandalism, property damage, theft protection. Security, Fire, Video Remote Services and Access Control applications.

Net ManagerNet Manager, IP forwarding

Scarsdale knows networks. IP forwarding services eliminate dependence on your IP provider for your static IP devices.

Virtual LPVirtual LP, the future of loss prevention

The future of Loss Prevention is here today with remote video services from Scarsdale Security. The premier security solution for premier clients of all sizes.

Page WatchPageWatch, track pager messages

Compared to other paging solutions, PageWatch does more. More information, more options, including optional escalation services to let others know who is repsonding.

Video VerifyVideo Verify, intruder monitoring

For home, business, school, country club or anywhere you may be, knowing that intruders may on your property is an essential part of monitoring your site and alerting responders. Video verification is an essential part of your security protection.

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