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Message from Scarsdale President, David Raizen

Thank you for supporting Scarsdale Security. Click here for a special message from our Founder and President, David Raizen.

Payment Address
Scarsdale Security Systems, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA 19182-1320
This goes directly to the bank, only send payments here.

Mailing Address (for all other mail besides payments)
Scarsdale Security Systems
132 Montgomery Avenue
Scarsdale New York 10583
Phone (914) 722-2200

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Center (all customers)
Remote Observation Center (ROC), Nationwide
Call (914) 722-2200
Alarm Center Manager: Everrod Bennett, (914) 722-2200, email

For a Sales appointment or quotation (all customers)
(914) 722-2321
Sales Assistants, email

Residential and Business Service
Cuatomer Care Northeastern Region: NY, NJ, CT
Customer Care:
(914) 722-2308
Service Manager: Vinny Vretenicic (914) 722-2311, email

Residential and Business New Installation and Conversion Services
Northeastern Region: NY, NJ, CT

Virginia Cepin: (914) 722-2325, email

National Account Sales
(914) 722-2926
Jim Mahoney, Vice President of Sales, email

National Account Service
(914) 722-2933
National Service Manager: Jeff Wescott, (914) 722-2935, email

National Account Installation
Call (914) 722-2391
National Install: Manager: Bob Melcher, (914) 722-2389, email

Web Access
Watch a Video Tutorial on our convenient Web Access Tool. Note, the self-enrollment for Web Access is currently disabled.
Email us at with an enrollment request including your name, account number and telephone number.
You may also Email Accounts Receivable with any questions or concerns about the Web Access service.

Refer a Friend
Learn about our latest referral offers by calling Scarsdale Sales at (914) 722-2321.

Customer Services
Call 914-722-2200 or choose from the following:

  • New Services and Conversions, Sales and Contract Support
    To be directed to your Account Executive, Call sales (914) 722-2321,

  • Customer Care: Billing, Supplier & Customer Accounting
    Call (914) 722-2272 Customer Accounting Manager: Melinda Myers (914) 722-2385, email

  • National Sub-Contractor Relations (to become a subcontractor)
    Call: (914) 722-2933, email Tech Field Resources.

  • Update Your Account
    To update your Alarm Monitoring account information, fax or email the change with an approved name, signature and passcode. If you prefer, we can send you a convenient change form. For more help, call 914-722-2200, Fax (914) 722-2299, or email Central Station
    Mail to Scarsdale Security, 132 Montgomery Avenue, Scarsdale, NY 10583, ATTN: CENTRAL STATION.

  • Vendor Invoices, Statements and Payment Inquiries
    Fax: (914) 722-7261 or Call: (914) 722-2261. Manager: John Lechocinski, email Accounts Payable

State License Information
Here is a partial list of our primary state information. For regional details or additional state information email Compliance

  AL: 10-916   IN: 10V119   NY: 12000040723
  AZ: 100348   KY: 322906   OK: 1804
  CA: ACO 7146   NE: 024-010948376   PA: 84879970
  CO: 1014746   MD: 107-1401   TX Alarm: 521137
  CT: 827890   NC: 1227-CSA   TX Fire: B13935
  DE: 2006601076   NJ Alarm: 34BA00128800   VA: 116427
  FL: EF20000430   NJ Fire: 34FA00102400   WA: A12 1653 13
  GA: LVU403598   NM: 536